Synergize Music Productions provides industry leading music production services and artist development services to a wide variety of clients, ranging from established to emerging recording artists, mainly focusing on those within the pop music genre. Services include songwriting, arrangement, instrument production, vocal production, mixing, engineering, and mastering. 

Since inception, the company has shifted it's focus from strictly Production Services to a full-service Artist Development agency, with services spanning the entire recording process, all the way from songwriting to record label pitching.

Synergize Music Production's competitive advantage is our team focused environment which enables us to utilize our individual strengths to adapt to the specific demands of each project. Our ability to consistently blend important but seemingly contradictory aspects of the production process together helps us achieve a unique sonic signature that is tailored to each individual recording artist we work with. In our productions, we are able to blend organic instruments with digital instruments; we are able to combine modern sounds with an artist's existing sonic signature; and we employ a vast array of both modern techniques and classic recording principles to get the best possible sounds for every track. Plus, we are able to achieve a professional and radio quality sound using a hybrid home/professional studio setup, so initial overhead costs are very minimal.

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Synergize Music Productions is the combined force of three talented Vancouver-based music producers. The team started writing and producing their own music, but quickly established a client base, built on a reputation stemming from their consistently high standards for professional production and recording techniques.


The three head producers are all graduates of Harbourside Institute of Technology in North Vancouver, British Columbia, and have attained diplomas in Audio Engineering and Music Production. Also, they each hold Pro Tools 210 certificates along with advanced training in Ableton Live 9 from Ableton certified trainer Sam Ryan.

Growing up in Santos, Brazil, Gabriel found his musicianship through his musical family and friends absorbing different genres; jazz, bossanova, classical, rock, percussion instruments, African rhythms and more. At age 19, he left Brazil to work around the world experiencing many different cultures and learning their unique music styles. Coming to Canada, Gabriel also submerged into the modern world of electronic music production. No matter the musical style, Gabriel is always ready to find the next hit chord progression.

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Daniel grew up in a very musical family; his father a rock drummer, his grandfather a Canadian Opera hall of fame singer, and his grandmother a Edmonton Symphony violinist and teacher. Along with many other musically talented relatives, Daniel's inherent musical abilities were not unexpected. He learned to play drums, bass and guitar at an early age and studied many different genres from classic rock to hip-hop. Daniel continues to explore music theory, sound design, the ever-evolving technologies of audio and what it takes to give people that "F-YEAH" vibe.

With a diverse musical background spanning from Heavy Metal to Dance Pop and everything in between, Shwett (born Brayden Lee Dyczkowski) is known for his ability to seamlessly integrate electronic music production techniques with organic instruments. In doing so, he is able to create productions that can either be tailored to an artist’s established sonic identity, or create an entirely new one. An expert user of both Ableton Live and Pro Tools recording DAWs, Shwett is enlisted as a faculty member of the Audio Engineering and Music Production program at Harbourside IT in North Vancouver, one of the top music production schools in North America.

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